Woman’s quest to find mom who abandoned her as a kid ends with her discovering her husband is her brother

A Brazilian woman, who embarked on a quest to locate the mother who had abandoned her as an infant, discovered an unexpected truth: her husband is, in fact, her biological brother.

How’s that for a family affair?

Adriana, who recounted the story in 2014 at the age of 39, dedicated a significant portion of her life to searching for her mother, who had departed when Adriana was only one year old.

The young girl was raised by her father, with the knowledge that her mother’s name was Maria. As she grew older, she pursued employment as a housemaid and eventually married her first husband, with whom she bore three children.

After the dissolution of her first marriage, Adriana returned to her hometown, where she crossed paths with Leandro, her current partner. The two fell deeply in love and later became parents to a daughter together.

Leandro discovered the truth at the age of eight when he learned that the woman he believed to be his mother was, in fact, his stepmother, and that his biological mother had left him shortly after his birth.

The couple said nothing would break them up. Credit: Radio Globo

Initially, the couple didn’t find cause for concern when they discovered that Leandro’s biological mother shared the name Maria and hailed from the same hometown.

Adriana later mentioned in an interview, “We found it amusing that both of our mothers shared the same name, but considering it’s a common name, we simply dismissed it as a coincidence.”

With a determination to find her mother, Adriana sought assistance from Radio Globo’s ‘The Time Is Now’ program, renowned for its expertise in reuniting lost relatives.

Adriana was left astounded when the show successfully reunited her with her mother. However, her astonishment deepened when Maria disclosed that she also had a son who remained unaware of her existence.

You guessed it – that son was Leandro.

“I can’t believe you’re telling me this,” Adriana exclaimed, her realization sinking in. “Leandro is my husband.”

Adriana and Leandro never went through a legal marriage, but it was evident that they regarded each other as husband and wife.

Adriana and Leandro decided not to break up. Credit: Pixabay

Adriana expressed her apprehension: “I’m afraid to return home and discover that Leandro no longer wants me. My love for him is immense.”

Despite Adriana’s apprehensions and their biological relationship, the couple disclosed their intention to remain together.

Adriana declared, “Only death will part us. Everything unfolded as God intended.”

“Undoubtedly, things would have been different if we had known all this beforehand. However, we didn’t, and love found its way.”

Adriana confessed that she and Leandro, who didn’t disclose their last names, were initially taken aback when they discovered the truth, but ultimately, they concluded that they weren’t concerned about others’ opinions.

“We have countless plans together; nothing will tear us apart. Nothing,” she asserted.

Neither Adriana or Leonardo blamed their mom for leaving, and they made plans to meet up with her again in the future.

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