Terrifying footage captures crocodile stalking a dog’s every move on beach

Social media is abuzz with shock and concern as users share a drone video capturing a crocodile apparently “stalking” a dog.

At a beach in Seisia, Queensland, Australia, a dog owner narrowly avoided a potentially tragic outcome when their canine companion came dangerously close to the sea. Brace yourself:

Drone footage captured the moment, which was subsequently aired by 9News.

A Facebook clip reveals a dog standing near the water’s edge on the beach, with a murky silhouette visible beneath the waves.

While the dog strolls along the shoreline, veering to the right, the shadowy figure in the water mirrors its movements, gradually approaching the shore and ultimately unveiling itself as a crocodile.

Subsequently, the dog wanders back down the beach, while the crocodile remains in the shallow waters, fixated on the canine, seemingly waiting for it to venture closer.

Regrettably, the dog then proceeds to wander back toward the sea, seemingly unaware of the imminent danger lurking nearby.

The croc follows the dog’s movements. Credit: 9News

Fortunately, the crocodile fails to close the distance quickly enough, and just as the dog’s paws touch the water’s edge, it promptly notices the lurking predator.

The dog wisely retreats down the beach, but not before casting one last glance over its shoulder to ensure the crocodile is still in pursuit, which it undoubtedly is.

As the footage concludes, 9News reports that the dog miraculously emerged unscathed from the encounter, despite the perilous circumstances.

Nevertheless, viewers have flooded Facebook with expressions of horror over the chilling stalking incident.

A user commented, “That dog was incredibly fortunate.”

The dog thankfully curves away from the sea. Credit: 9News

“Stay prepared at all times,” another person chimed in.

A third individual remarked, “I held my breath while watching, except for the moments when I was yelling at the dog to move.”

The Queensland Government provides guidance on how to ensure safety from crocodiles when visiting beaches.

The website explains: “Crocodiles, as apex predators, employ ambush tactics, such as lurking and waiting at the water’s edge, to capture their prey.”

To ensure safety, the advice recommends staying “at least five meters from the water’s edge,” properly disposing of food and fish scraps in bins or taking them home, keeping pets on a leash and away from the water’s edge, avoiding the use of small watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards, and staying clear of crocodile traps.

Additionally, it emphasizes, “Just because you can’t see a crocodile, it doesn’t mean there isn’t one nearby.”

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