Woman Zip-Lining Doesn’t See Alligator Lurking In Pond Until He Leaps Out To Bite Her

Numerous residents of Florida (and perhaps even those from outside the state) are aware that the Sunshine State is teeming with alligators. These reptiles are commonly sighted in ponds, lakes, and swamps across the region, yet occasionally they make surprising appearances in the most unlikely of locations.

In the video below, an alligator made an unexpected appearance at a zip line station. However, it wasn’t just the sight of the alligator that startled everyone; it was what he did once he arrived!

In the video, a team of zip-lining instructors were assessing a new line that stretched over a pond.

The pond was renowned for its resident alligators, heightening the excitement of the experience. Fully clad in protective gear, one of the instructors secured herself to the line and began her journey.

Her fellow instructors eagerly awaited on the opposite side of the zip line, undoubtedly anxious to hear her feedback on the new line.

However, what she didn’t anticipate was that an alligator was observing her from the waters of the pond.

None the wiser, the instructor embarked on the zip line. Towards the end, she appeared somewhat relaxed, likely presuming the line’s success.

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