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Weham Drama Cast Real Name With Pictures | Weham is a new drama starting on Hum TV in 2022 which is being telecast from June. The drama airs every Wednesday at 8 pm. This is an excellent drama in which the best stars of the Pakistan showbiz industry have been included. Apart from this, the best dramas like Bakhtawar, Pehchaan, Nehar & Hasrat are also being telecasted on Hum TV.

The story and the cast of the drama are very brilliant, the details of which are given below. Other information about the drama includes the story and timing of the drama we have already published on our website. In this article, we will provide you with complete information about the cast of the Weham drama including the real names and photos of the cast. We hope you will like this information. If you like this information, don’t forget to share this post on social media.

Weham Drama Cast Real Name

The cast of the drama serial Weham consists of young actors from the Pakistan showbiz industry. The main cast includes Kinza Hashmi, Zaviyar Nauman and Fawad Jalal while other cast members include Babar Ali, Tara Mehmood and Hajra Khan. The full cast list and details are provided below.

Cast List :

  • Kinza Hashmi
  • Babar Ali
  • Tara Mahmood
  • Shamim Hilaly
  • Zaviyar Nauman
  • Fawad Jalal
  • Savera Nadeem
  • Adnan Samad Khan
  • Hurriya Mansoor
  • Hajra Khan

Kinza Hashmi

Kinza Hashmi is playing the lead role of Eshal in the drama serial Weham. Her performance in this drama is amazing, she has played lead roles in many dramas before this. Kinza Hashmi’s previous drama serial was ‘Dil Awaiz’ in which her performance was highly appreciated by the audience.

Kinza Hashmi was born on March 7, 1997, in Lahore. He also got his initial education in Lahore. Kinza Hashmi started her career in showbiz with the drama serial ‘Adhura Milan’ in which she played the role of Nayab. This drama was telecast in 2014. Her other popular plays include Azmaish, Mohlat, Tum Se Kehna Tha, Uraan, Tera Yahan Koi Nahin & Tu Mera Junoon.

Weham Drama Cast Real Name

Zaviyar Noman

Zaviyar Noman is also part of the main cast of this drama and he is playing the role of Junaid. Earlier he also played the lead role in Hum TV’s drama serial ‘Sang e Mah’ in which he worked with Atif Aslam, Kubra Khan and Hania Aamir. Zaviyar Noman is the son of Pakistani showbiz industry superstar Nauman Ejaz.

Zaviyar Noman was born in Karachi and lives with his family. His first drama serial was ‘Qissa Meherbano Ka’ which was telecast on Hum TV in 2021. Apart from this, he has also worked in the drama serial Bakhtawar, Sang-e-Mah & Qissa Meherbano Ka. And now he is in Weham Drama Cast.

Weham Drama Cast Pictures

Babar Ali

Babar Ali is one of the top drama and film actors in Pakistan. He started his career in showbiz in Pakistan’s film industry. Babar Ali is playing the role of Kinza Hashmi’s father in the drama serial Weham. Babar Ali has seen the essence of his acting in many Pakistani dramas including Woh Pagal Si, Bakhtawar, Dil Bhatkay, Mor Moharan, Benaam, Amanat, Ishq Hai & Zebaish. Viewers love her acting.

Weham Drama Cast Hum TV

Savera Nadeem

Savera Nadeem is a famous and senior actress of Pakistan who was born in 1974 in Lahore. She started her career with PTV. Her first drama was ‘Kiran’ which was telecast on PTV Home in 1989. Savera Nadeem has also acted in two Pakistani films namely Good Maring Karachi and Manto.

In the drama serial Weham, she is playing the role of Rukhsana who is the mother of Zaviyar Noman. Savera Nadeem is a talented and popular actress who has seen her performance in many dramas before and the audience loves her acting. Her famous dramas include Tum Ho Wajah, Tera Yahan Koi Nahin, Meray Paas Tum Ho, Haiwan, Baba Jani, Nibah & Meraas.

Weham Drama Cast name

Adnan Samad Khan

Adnan Samad Khan is a young actor in the Pakistan showbiz industry who became very popular with his drama serial ‘Ehd e Wafa’. After which his popularity increased enormously. Before this, he also played the lead role in the drama serial Ishq e Laa drama. He is playing the role of Farhad in this drama. We hope you will like the acting of Adnan Samad Khan. And now he is in Weham Drama Cast.

Tara Mehmood

Tara Mehmood is one of the best actresses in Pakistan who has worked in many dramas. She is playing the role of Kinza Hashmi’s mother in this drama. Before this, she also played the role of Madiha Imam’s mother in the drama serial Dil e Momin. Her acting is very popular in Pakistan.

Tara Mahmood was born on 24 March 1974. She started her career in showbiz in 2006. Her first drama serial was ‘Inspector Khoji’. This drama was telecast on PTV. Tara Mehmood’s other dramas include Juda Na Hona, Suno Chanda 2, Deewar-e-Shab, Raaz-e-Ulfat, Bharaas, Dunk, Chupke Chupke, Amanat & Mere Humsafar. She is the daughter of famous Pakistani politician and former federal minister Shafqat Mehmood۔

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