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Urdu Techy Snack Video App is a new version of snack video. It is a newly launched app with a lot of new and amazing features. It has those features which the official doesn’t provide.

Moreover, it’s a free and low-weight app. We provide the latest version here. To download it, first of all search for the download button. On this page, you can easily find it.

Furthermore, to know more info about Urdu techy snack video, read the article completely. I will provide everything about it.

What is Urdu Techy Snack Video App?

It’s developed by zafran for those snack video users who want unlimited snack video coins. Zafran is a Tech YouTuber and snack content creator. He designed this app for the needy and students.

Moreover, it helps to earn money online. The basic feature of the app is, it helps new users and creator to grow fast and make Unlimited coins. It has also a feature to bring video on the Foryou page and trending page.

However, it has some bugs as well, but the developer promised to solve it in the next update. Besides, if you’re also a newbie try it to earn money with snack app. It’s the best opportunity for students and needy ones.

Urdu Techy snack video pro App Details

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Why Use It?

Nowadays, snack app is a hot place for the creator to earn money with. It’s providing handsome slavery for high-profile creators. However, they hire YouTube creators as well and offered them 500$ per month.

But if we look at small creators and newbies. It’s a required too many hard work. To achieve it. But here the urdu techy snack video by zafran helps you to earn in the starting days.

Snack official app required referrals to earn but you can earn coins by watching videos with urdu techy app. And It’s the best point feature.

Furthermore, one of its features is to earn coins by liking videos and sharing.

Some More features are:

  1. HD Videos Quality With all official features
  2. Free app and light-Weight
  3. Required a few MB storage to Install
  4. Working fine on the low internet connection as well
  5. Save videos for offline
  6. Earn coins by invite friends
  7. Earn coins by completing tasks
  8. Get snack video coins by watching videos
  9. Bring video on trending
  10. Foryou feature
  11. Compatible with the above 4.4 android version.

Some Screenshots

Urdu Techy by Zafran Snack App Alternative

Sometimes an app doesn’t work on a device. It’s a very rare case but if it does happen try these alternative apps which are also the upgraded versions of snack official. However, if you have a good fan following, avoid this kind of apps to download. Only use the official app of any company. These apps are Apk Cycle snack,

How To Download Urdu Techy Snack Video Pro Apk For Android?

The downloading method of every app from our site is the same. But if you are a new user let me guide you for a few steps with which you can easily download its latest version for free. However, this app is also available on the google Play store. But for your ease, we provide its direct download link on this page. To download this app search for that download button on it will redirect you to the download page. Wait for a while and the download will start automatically.

For Installation Follow these steps:

How To Install It?

  • Go to your mobile storage
  • go to the download file.
  • Search for “urdu techy snack”
  • Tap on install
  • Wait for a while
  • now enjoy it.

How To Get Unlimited snack video coins with Urdu Techy Snack Video App?

In simple words, it’s very easy to earn this upgraded version of the snack app. After the installation process now it’s time to earn unlimited snake coins with it. For that open the app and create an account with Gmail. Now to earn coins, follow these:

  • Invite friends, you will get a bonus.
  • Watch videos, you will get snack coins.
  • Put your invitation code in another snack. Uses account.
  • Complete tasks to get coins.
  • Share and like videos to get coins

Final Words

This app is the trending app in the social apps’ category in Pakistan. It is the best app after TikTok in Pakistan. The best thing about that is to pay creators directly. However, the TikTok creator earns by the sponsor. Moreover, for the beginner, it’s hard to earn from snacks as it’s required coins. Coins later convert into cash.

However, urdu techy snack video app is a solution for newbies. They can earn without having a huge fan following. I advise you to shift on the official app once you got fam. However, if you have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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