Telenor Balance Save Code – How To Save Balance On Telenor Sim

Telenor Balance Save Code | Many users who are using Telenor SIM must face the problem of balance over because sometimes our internet package gets expired and we don’t know why we are using internet on Stander rate. Due to this, our balance ends and when we find out that the balance ends, we get worried.

Sometimes it also happens that we activate a social internet package like only the Facebook package or WhatsApp package but when we turn on data, other apps on our mobile also use data that are not our package. It happens like email etc. Thus these apps consume data from our balance and our package is exhausted.

In this article, we will tell you the complete method and codes to save Telenor balance which will save you from losing your balance. We have provided all the Telenor balance saving codes below. Along with the codes, we have also provided details of mobile settings that will help you avoid losing any SIM balance.

Telenor Balance Save Code

Telenor is a widely used telecom network in Pakistan with millions of users. When we are using the internet, our balance ends and we know when the balance ends. For this reason, Telenor has issued some codes for the solution so that the balance of the users is not lost.

Telenor has launched two different types of services which will prevent your balance from getting lost and you will not lose your money. The service on the first number is Balance Save, while the second service is called Balance Lock.

  • First, Dail 345
  • Then reply with 1
  • After that confirm to activate your balance save service
  • You will have a message receiver from Telenor
  • Congratulations, your ‘Balance Saver service’ has been subscribed

Telenor Balance Save Code While Using Internet

Another service is to lock your balance, with this you will be able to lock your balance so that your balance will not be depleted while using the internet and you will be able to use mobile data without any tension. After activating this service, you will not have to check your remaining MBs again and again.

Telenor Balance Save Code While Using Internet
  • Go to your mobile dial and dial *7799#
  • Follow the instructions provided by the network
  • Activate the Balance Lock service
  • You will receive a confirmation message
  • Congratulations you have successfully subscribed to the ‘Balance Lock service’.

Save Balance With Mobile Settings

We have provided here about such mobile phone settings with the help of which you can set such a setting in your mobile that the balance in your SIM will not end even when the data is switched on. When we activate a social package, many apps also use data that drains our balance. will stop using data.

All mobile settings are not the same, so the Sting we have mentioned may be different from the setting of your mobile, you can activate these Settings according to your mobile Settings.

  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Go to network settings
  • After that go to the ‘Mobile Data’ setting
  • After that, all the apps on your mobile that use the internet will come up
  • Now uncheck the apps you don’t use or for which you don’t have data Package
  • Done! Now whenever you turn on your data these apps will not use data

Maybe these settings are different on your mobile, but the settings on your mobile will be similar.

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