Preparing for your summer vacation at the airport typically entails many of us making plans to visit the airport bar and slipping into our flip flops, eager to be beach-ready upon arrival.

Yet, I’d advise against hastily slipping on your flip flops, as a former security agent has cautioned that wearing them could potentially be a significant mistake.

“He declared, ‘One thing I’d never do is wear flip flops in an airport.'”

“I understand the convenience of slipping off flip flops at TSA, but in case of an emergency evacuation, you wouldn’t want to be caught in flip flops, hindering your ability to move swiftly.”

Once, during a flight back to the United States, our aircraft had to make an emergency landing in Brazil.”

“Needless to say, the airport wasn’t prepared for our arrival, so they directed us to land on a makeshift runway located on the outskirts of the airport.”

An retired secret agent says you should never wear flip flops when travelling through an airport. Credit: TikTok/texascrimetravelers

Furthermore, since there wasn’t a jet bridge available, we had to disembark the aircraft using its own stairs and trek to the terminal on foot. The journey felt like a mile long, across not just the runway, but also through muddy fields between the airfield. To make matters worse, the weather was chilly and rainy.

He remarked, “I highly doubt that wearing flip flops would have allowed you to navigate your way to the airport in those conditions.”

So there you have it!

Absolutely, there’s plenty of practical travel advice to consider beyond his words of wisdom.

Save the flip flops for the beach, not the airport. Credit: Pexels

Professionals have been urging travelers to heed their advice: though it may seem enticing to crawl into bed after a tiring day, a brief and simple check for bed bugs could prevent days or even months of subsequent stress.

HuffPost Senior Editor Caroline Bologna, discussing the issue on HuffPost’s “Am I Doing It Wrong?” podcast alongside hosts Raj Punjabi and Noah Michelson, shared: “I have two close friends who encountered bed bugs at hotels in New York. It’s irrelevant how upscale the hotel is — bed bugs aren’t drawn to filth.”

She emphasized further: “They prefer upholstery — simply examine the sheets. Lift a corner of the bed, inspect the mattress seams… just take a moment to check. Inspect any upholstered surfaces. Examine the headboard. Look over the chairs.”

“If you don’t spot anything, chances are you’re completely safe.”

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