Nemanja Vidic tells Rio Ferdinand that money was not motive in Man Utd move

By | April 26, 2023

Vidic has a smile on his face telling the story and recalling his first memories of his former boss, who seemed to charm him so much on his visit that he didn’t pay as much attention to the financial side of his United transfer as he could have done!

“Then we went to the hotel, everything was great. The next day, I had negotiations about everything that was happening with my future. Then he would take us to the airport and, again, put in the bags and take us to the airport.

“[He said] ‘Okay, see you in 10 days.’ Because at the time, I had to take the visa and all this stuff. 

“When I was on the airplane, I was looking through the window and I said: ‘Wow, man. I’m going to play for Man United.’ I was thinking about Fergie taking the bags.

“In that moment, I was thinking: ‘Wow, I signed for less money than I had at Spartak Moscow for Man United!

“I said: ‘Never mind, I’m playing for Man United!’”

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