Joey Swoll, a well-known presence on TikTok, came to the rescue by intervening when a female gym member made an inappropriate and disrespectful comment towards another person at the gym. As a result of his actions, the offending member had her gym membership revoked.

With her renowned physique, it’s understandable that the reality star devotes a substantial portion of her time to her gym workouts.

Irrespective of the speculation surrounding the origins of her curves, Kardashian consistently offers fans glimpses into her regimen for maintaining her figure.

To kick off the new year, Kim shared even more insights into her workout routines with her fans.

The SKIMS founder delved into her gym routine, offering glimpses into her workout regimen and disclosing her least favorite exercise.

Under the guidance of trainer Senada Greca, Kardashian shared a video where she stood before a mirror, lifting a trap bar loaded with weights.

“Leg day RDLs,” she captioned the video, highlighting the Romanian deadlift exercises she was engaging in.

In the caption of a video demonstrating her lying on her back and executing hamstring curls, Kardashian provided some perspective on Greca’s training approach.

“@seneca.greca is always urging me to slow it down, but I couldn’t manage it here. These hamstring curls are absolutely killer!” the star wrote.

“We’re aiming to lift heavier weights this year,” she mentioned regarding her workout plan for 2024. “Set achievable fitness goals and stay committed to them.”

However, Kardashian doesn’t shy away from admitting that there’s a particular exercise she dislikes.

“I despise these hip thrusts!” she exclaimed in the caption of her next Instagram Story video.

“She makes me do them three times a week! Consistency is key,” she continued. “We use the leg extension machine and a bench! Creativity is also essential!”

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