A family of four faced tragedy during their vacation in Florida.

A sand hole trapped a seven-year-old girl and her brother, leading to the tragic death of the girl.

The siblings were happily digging through the sand at a Florida beach, enjoying themselves before tragedy struck.

Heartbreak strikes at the beach…

Officials reported that Sloan Mattingly was rescued from the sand after being buried for approximately 20 minutes when the sand collapsed on the siblings.

Maddox, her brother, was rescued from the hole at Lauderdale-by-the-Sea beach and taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Jason, 35, their father, confirmed the little girl’s passing to Wane 15, stating she was seven years old.

“Full of love and life” is how her heartbroken father described the child before her passing.

The siblings, along with their dad and mom, Therese, 36, were visiting from Fort Wayne, Indiana, when the unthinkable happened on Tuesday.

Audio of the 911 call reporting the incident provides a glimpse into the frantic moment as more than 12 adults attempted to save the siblings trapped in the sand.

Witnesses recounted that the children were digging the hole and playing inside of it when the ground suddenly collapsed.

Cell phone footage captures the moment when a group of anxious beach attendees began frantically attempting to dig them out before firefighters reached the scene.

Bystanders recorded the moments after the collapse, showing people on their knees digging with their hands through the sand.

Some of the beachgoers attempted to hold the walls back to prevent more sand from collapsing on the children.

Upon being rescued from the sand, Sloan was found without a pulse.

Officials pronounced her dead upon arrival at the hospital.

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