A flight attendant in the Philippines clarified the reason behind why crew members are frequently observed sitting on their hands during takeoff and landing.

Henny Lim, a flight attendant with Cebu Pacific airlines, disclosed the rationale behind the unconventional sitting posture in a TikTok post.

Contrary to appearances, flight attendants aren’t resting on their hands in an attempt to warm them up amidst the chilly air conditioning on the plane.

It’s entirely possible that during every plane journey, you’ve been too engrossed in finding a captivating series to watch, neglecting to notice how flight attendants are positioned. However, more observant passengers may recognize the posture demonstrated by Lim in her video.

In the video, the flight attendant posed the question: “Why do cabin crew sit on their hands while in their jump seats?”

Jump seats are the designated seats where crew members can sit while they are not moving about the cabin during takeoff and landing.

After demonstrating the posture with her hands tucked under her thighs, Lim explained that this position is known as the ‘bracing position’.

Crew have to have their bodies in very specific positions in the seats. Credit: TikTok/@_hennylim_

Unlike the head-down brace position many of us might be familiar with from the flight safety cards, Lim explained that this position involves ‘fastening seatbelt securely, sitting upright, sitting on hands with palms up, thumbs tucked, and arms loose’.

The position also emphasizes keeping feet ‘flat on the floor’, with the objective being to ‘maintain the body in a rigid pose’.

While it may not seem like the most comfortable position, especially during the potentially turbulent moments of takeoff and landing, Lim explained that it’s engineered to safeguard the body in the event of any unexpected emergencies or

Lim mentioned that by restricting body movement, there’s a reduced likelihood of injury in the event of an impact.

During their time in the position, crew members also dedicate time to conduct the ‘silent review’, as described by Lim.

The position helps to reduce damage to the body. Credit: TikTok/@_hennylim_

The review encompasses “being mindful of emergency equipment placement, door operation procedures, following commands, and observing any visual cues outside the aircraft,” the attendant elaborated.

Understanding all of these factors aids the crew in readiness for emergency situations.

Following Lim’s explanation of why crew members sit on their hands, TikTok users responded by expressing their appreciation for the insightful information and thanked Lim for sharing her insights.

However, some couldn’t overlook the rationale behind the position, with one individual commenting, “Constantly preparing for a potential crash is indeed daunting.”

Ideally, there will never be an emergency that necessitates assuming the position, but I suppose it’s always preferable to be prepared for any eventuality!

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