Every word from part two of Erik ten Hag’s Man Utd press conference before Aston Villa game 30 April 2023


It feels like Marcus [Rashford]’s hold-up play, his link-up play, and his work with his back to goal has improved as a striker this season. Do you see him as a striker long term? Or would you rather he was he was on the left? He can do well, but where do you see him?
“Of course, we worked on that. And I think he can do both, and [it] depends on sometimes from the opposition which role he best fits. But what is important for him also is the formation, to bring players around him [into the game], and especially to bring [in] players from the back of him in the formation, and [be in a] position where he can make combinations and make movements, and I think he’s doing that very well. I’m happy, and satisfied, with his role. But also when he’s playing from the left, he has also a big impact on our games.”

United fans were singing Harry Kane’s name [against Tottenham], about him joining in the summer… would a no.9, in your eyes, give you more options in terms of Marcus and is that a priority?
“Yeah, I think everyone knows it’s not a secret and that we’re [looking at] the long term. Over the whole season, we had a shortage of no.9s, because first the drop out of [Cristiano] Ronaldo, then Anthony Martial was often not available, Jadon Sancho was often not available, then you have a shortage of frontline players. So with less players, we have to cover many games. So yeah, definitely we [have a] need in the frontline, we need players who strengthen the squad.”

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