Every word from Erik ten Hag press conference before Tottenham Hotspur v Man Utd

You have come into a few of these conferences speaking about the team needing to bounce back. Your opposite number has to do exactly that, so how difficult will that make it for United?
“It was not so often [we had to] to bounce back! Definitely. But all the great teams, even Real Madrid [have setbacks]. But it’s obvious. They [Spurs] had a really bad defeat and of course they are mad and that can be fuel for bouncing back. But like I said, it is about us. An opponent can never be more hungry [than] we [are]. That is how we have to prepare for the game and we have to be ready to go on the front foot and be dominant and dictate the game.”

How have you done it, on the odd occasion this season, that you have done it [bounced back]? You’ve said the players have proved they are good players but when they don’t play to your expectations, what do you tell them?
“It is not always the same. It depends on what is the reason behind [it]. It depends on the reason you tell them. It is about situational leadership, I call it.”

Call it what, sorry?
“From out of the situation, you take the lead. You give the message. So that depends on the occasion.”

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