The couple had been in a relationship for numerous years, and what was meant to be the happiest day of her life turned bitterly sour when she received a devastating text the night before their wedding.

Casey, who used a pseudonym for both herself and her fiancé Alex, was with her bridesmaids, enjoying a drink, when a series of screenshots of messages were sent to her phone from an unknown number.

The bride received a devastating text just hours before her wedding. Credit: tonefotografia/Getty

Beside the stolen images, the anonymous individual penned: “I wouldn’t tie the knot with him. Would you?”

The messages were highly damning for Alex, indicating that he had been involved in an affair with another woman in the months leading up to his marriage to Casey.

“One racy message read, ‘This weekend. You and I. It is on, hot stuff. Bring your A game,'”

“Another message read, ‘Your body is incredible. And you sure know how to use it. I wish my girlfriend had half the skills you do.'”

A third text elaborated: “I miss you deeply. I can’t shake the thoughts of longing, desire, and the fantasy of being intimate with you. I’ve never experienced this level of connection before.”

In an essay for Body+Soul, Casey expressed, “I couldn’t hold back the tears of shame and heartbreak. My friends were ready to take drastic measures against him. They demanded I contact him right away and cancel the wedding.”

She continued, “But despite everything, I still loved Alex. I was looking forward to marrying him tomorrow. In my shock and sadness, anger didn’t surface. I couldn’t bring myself to make the call.”

“Eventually, we attempted to retire to bed. Sleep evaded me entirely, and as dawn finally broke, I roused my friends and disclosed my resolution – I would proceed with the wedding as planned, but I intended to expose him in front of our loved ones.

The woman got her own back by outing her cheating partner to the whole wedding party. Credit: Peter Dazeley/Getty

Instead of reciting her vows, Casey chose to publicly reveal her soon-to-be husband by reading aloud the text messages to all attendees at their wedding.

“The person I thought Alex was doesn’t seem to exist,” expressed the heartbroken bride. “I cherish each and every one of you, and as painful as this moment is, I’m grateful for your presence here.”

“Today, there won’t be a traditional wedding reception. Instead, we’ll celebrate honesty, discovering genuine love, and having the courage to follow our hearts even through the pain.”

The groom’s face drained of color as his private messages were exposed, and he eventually stormed out of the church with his best man following closely behind him.

Casey wrapped up her essay by stating, “It definitely wasn’t the wedding day I had envisioned, but to our credit, it turned into one unforgettable party.”

I’m certain numerous tequila shots were downed that evening!

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